The Inland Taipan | Venomous Series

The most venomous snake in the world, the Inland Taipan. These beauties drop for drop take home the crown for the most venomous snake, and most venomous reptile in the world. One bite can kill at least 100 fully grown men. Thus gaining the nickname. Fierce Snake.

But the nickname is very misleading. The snake resides in Australia and can only be found in very remote areas of the outback. Inland Taipans very rarely come in contact with humans. If they do, they are rather shy and prefer to escape than attack. All the recorded bites from the Inland Taipan have happened in captivity. And there has been no recorded deaths from the inland taipan.

Something you may not know is the Inland Taipan also changes colors based on the season. In the winter they are a dark brown, and in the summer they are a bright yellow. Australian winters can get quite cool so they turn dark to absorb more heat and stay warm. And as you may know Australian summers can get quite hot. So they turn a bright yellow to avoid baking in the sun.

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  • George Xavier

    I really like to learn more of Eastern Brown Snake. Because I find them really awesome species in Australia!

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