Ball Python Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of our site we are giving away a Male Pinstripe Het. Albino Ball Python with a complete set up, to one of our lucky fans.



Pinstripe Het. Albino Ball Python

This baby ball python was born on Sept. 7th 2018. He is 126g, and is eating frozen hoppers. 


20 Gallon Snake Starter Kit

Comes with terrarium, screen, substrate, heater, thermostat, day & night LED fixture, bowl, and hide!

The Prizes

Grand Prize

Pinstripe Het Albino Ball Python & Starter Kit

Second Tier

Free T-shirt from our Have No Fear Collection.

Third Tier

Handmade Bracelet. Giving away 3 of these.

How to win

Step 1:

Be sure to comment on our post and tag 2 friends. If you already have you're good, if not, click here. Done? Alright, on to step two!

Step 2:

Enter to win by subscribing to our official Discover Snakes email list. Enter your name & email address and you're good to go!

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We will randomly select and announce the winners live! on our Instagram on Feb, 8th 2019. Be sure to tune in!

Submissions are closed.

Winners will be announced on Instagram Live 2/8/19 @ 7pm est.

Winners will also be emailed directly with next steps.